Addvalor Advisory

Corporate & finance solutions

Focused on delivering to your company, complex and advanced solutions usually reserved for large Corporations.

AA is an advisory firm made up of professionals with an extensive corporate finance and investment banking experience and an essential sensitivity to the client and the solution to their business challenges and needs.


Its directives, with an international background, are focused on bringing complex financial and corporate services and solutions to small and medium sized companies.


Since the experience of the COVID and the success we experimented in providing our services telematically, we have decided to extend and concentrate our relations with companies in the South of Mediterranean Europe, with special focus on Spain, Portugal and Israel.


Knowledge areas in which we will guide you:






BFinancing advisory: 

  • Bank debt, non-recourse financing
  • Mezzanine, subordinated debt,
  • Equity or hybrid instruments.
  • Alternative institutional markets or private placement.
  • Rates and inflation protection through a swaps strategy

LBO and M&A 

BBespoke solutions combining: 

  • Corporate valuation, acquisitions, mergers, joint ventures...
  • LBO and M&A process, transaction structure and execution.
  • Assistance in the economic and financial aspects of the transaction.
  • Financial and commercial Due Diligence.

re structuring

BCorporate reestructuring advisory: 

  • Capital Structure and Liquidity Analysis
  • Banks and Stakeholders negotiations. 
  • Management of waivers, novations, stand-still agreements
  • Institutional sources. Subordinated, bullet, and quasi-equity solutions

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